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  • Donnelly 11015315 Wiring Diagram Instructions

    The rear view mirror is a great Budget OEM rear view mirror to retrofit map & dome light rear view mirror into any project. All you need is a constant 12 volt (for map/reading light option) and tap into the dome light circuit to add dome lights to any vehicle. If you are just adding map/reading lights then all you'll need is is two wires a positive and a negative. It has a nice  styled modern look to it.

    Donnelly 11015315 Pinouts Donnelly 11015315 Pinouts

    Wiring is as follows with pin numbers labeled on the mirror itself

    Pin #7 is Constant +12 Volts

    Pin #6 is Negative switched ground for dome lights (trigged by open door or the interior light switch)

    Pin #2 is Ground


    Please note  colors on the plug that goes into this mirror will vary from vehicle to vehicle, that is why we do not reference any colors here.  The pin numbers referenced above are also stamped into the connector see the photo below

    Donnelly 11015315  Mirror Connector Pinouts Donnelly 11015315 Mirror Connector Pinouts


    This mirror is available for purchase by clicking here